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Ace your tests today! School Cheats has now added an Edulastic hack to its arsenal!

Our Edulastic hack was released in January of 2024, and is still being perfected.

Try it out today and report any issues to our Discord!

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How to find Edulastic answers hack?

Our Edulastic cheat is super simple to use, just put in your assignment link above, and the answers are yours!

We designed our Edulastic hack with stealth in mind, we grab answers to your test with no trace left behind!

What is School Cheats premium for Edulastic?

Our Edulastic cheat is currently free, although will become a premium feature in the future.

The cheat will require premium when its been tested and assured that it will have no issues. Feel free to report issues to our Discord.

When you first create an account with School Cheats you'll receive 2 free trial premium uses before needing to purchase them!

Premium Features

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Can I use the Edulastic hack on mobile?

Yes! We have designed our site to be compatible with mobile and allow you to view the answers with a mobile device!

Is there a limit to how many times I can use the edulastic hack?

No, you can view as many answers as you want! Although some features require premium, new users are awared 2 free trial uses!