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School Cheats is a revolutionary platform that allows you to gain access to answers for your favorite school platforms. We support platforms such as Quizizz, Edpuzzle, Kahoot, Blooket, Quizlet, Khan Academy, and Classkick.



From the creators of Rocks Network's,,, and the creators of, we introduce School Cheats, a heavily dependant user satisfaction and simplicity based platform, we try our best to push the simplest way of obtaining answers to you while still keeping it secure.


Our primary authorization platform is Discord. This allows us to communicate with our community for both support and general chatting.


We take pleasure in providing straightforward methods for students to reach their academic goals.


We value user privacy and anonymity, in no way can your identity be revealed to foreign entities whilst using our platform.


We provide full transparency of network issues, downtime, and reasoning. We understand the need of reliability for our platforms, and we try our best to keep us functional.