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Quizizz Hack

Ace your assignments today! School Cheats founded in May of 2021 has been around creating revolutionary elearning hacks to get fast answers!

Our Quizizz hack was released in May of 2021, and has been the go to ever since.

We have a plethora of custom features tailored to annoy your teachers and classmates or friends!

Quizizz Code/Link

How to find Quizizz answers hack?

In order to hack Quizizz you can use our simple cheat, just put in your game code or link above, and the answers are yours!

We designed our Quizizz hack with stealth in mind, grabbing answers arent easy but we found a way to make it work while still ensuring safety for our users.

What is School Cheats premium for Quizizz?

Some of the Quizizz hack features require a premium member that can be found here School Cheats Premium

If you have any issues with your premium subscription you can reach out on Discord.

When you first create an account with School Cheats you'll receive 2 free trial premium uses before needing to purchase them!

Premium Features

  • • Flood bots
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Can I use the quizizz hack on mobile?

Yes! We have designed our site to be compatible with mobile and allow you to view the answers with a mobile device!

Is there a limit to how many times I can use the quizizz hack?

No, you can view as many answers as you want! Although some features require premium, new users are awared 2 free trial uses!